SR – Syrup making machine

SR type of machines serves to the production of syrups out of liquid sugar or production of so called LIGHT types of syrups. Measurement of refraction is done automatically. Citric acid and other ingredients for the syrup can be dosed by dosing pumps directly to the mixing tank. The tank with finalized syrup is a part of the machine.

Syrup production

Production of the syrup is performed in a mixing tank. The exact amounts of ingredients are measured precisely by flowmeters. The machine automatically fills up the water in accordance to setting of refraction of produced syrup. The machine can either suck the ingredients from the storage tank or the ingredients can be dosed and delivered to mixing tank by a dosing pump.

If all the ingredients are in the mixing tank, the mixing is performed and the refraction of the final syrup is measured. The data about refraction can be delivered to the central control system. The mixer that is also connected to the central control system, can set its mixing ratio of water and syrup according to the beverage refraction required.


The stainless steel construction including power switchboard is located on a firm frame. All the materials used including the tanks and frame are in stainless steel quality of 1.4301 and are suitable for food processing production.


The machine can have its own control system or can by controlled by central system.

The operator can set:

  • The refraction of syrup.
  • The amount of citric acid.


Machine output: (500 – 4 000) l/h.

Machine input: (3 – 10) kW

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Key elements:

  • Touch screen
  • Control system
  • Induction flowmeters
  • Ejector
  • Pneumatic components
  • Support frame

Suitable for:

  • Carbonated beverages producers
  • Breweries
  • Dietary supplements producers