FCM – Carbonated beverage making/filling machine

Semi–automatic filler FCM with a technology to carbonate the prepared beverage is suitable mostly for small producers. Beer or other carbonated beverages filling is possible, as well as filling of beverage under the protection of inert gas.

Carbonation and filling

Prepared beverage is transported by a supply pump through a spray noozle to a carbonation column where the carbonation is carried out. Carbonated beverage flows down into a tank, where the filling valves are located. If the beverage is already carbonated (and needs no more carbonation in this machine), then it is transported to the tank with filling valves by a bypass.

Filling of the beverage to bottles is performed in the same way as on classic overpressure filler. The operator inserts an empty glass bottle or container into transport device which transports bottles under the filling valves and the filling is performed. Operator has to put bottles into the machine and take them out manually.


A tank, a pump and other components are made of stainless steel. Machine´s frame secures it´s stability and safe transport to destination. Bottle transport device is made of plastic. The construction for PET bottles filling is different.


The machine has its own control system. The operator controls the machine via communication panel, where it is possible to set all the parameters of production and filling of beverage.

These parameters are possible to set:

  • Beverage carbonation level.
  • Level of liquid in a tank.
  • Level of liquid in a bottle.
  • Number of decompression blows from a bottle.
  • Time of decompression blow.
  • Lag time between decompression.


Machine output: maximum of 400 pcs of bottles with volume of 0.5 litre

Machine input: 0.5 kW

Optional equipment

  • Filling into a several types of bottles.
  • Filling into a barrels, Bag–in–Box.

Photo gallery

Key elements:

  • Communication display
  • Control system
  • Capacity sensors
  • Pneumatic components
  • Support frame

Suitable for:

  • Small breweries
  • Small beverage producers