• Mixer - Beverage making machine

    Mixer - Beverage making machine

    The mixer is designed as fully automatic maker of carbonated flavoured beverages. The modern components of the machine guarantee high stability and quality of the beverage. The final taste is not only influenced by the syrup, but also by the parameters of production that are set by the operator.

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  • FCM - Carbonated beverage making and filling machine

    FCM - Carbonated beverage making and filling machine

    Semiautomatic filler with a technology to carbonate the prepared beverage is suitable mostly for small producers. Beer or other carbonated beverages filling is possible, as well as filling of noncarbonated beverage under the protection of inert gas.

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  • CM - Carbonated water making machine

    CM - Carbonated water making machine

    CM type of machines serves primarly to the production of soda. Thanks to its simple construction and quality the machine can be used with minimal servise needs. The operator just sets the level of carbonation and the device works fully on its own.

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  • SDM - Liquid sugar making machine

    SDM type of machines servers to the production of liquid sugar. The primary raw material is crystal sugar that is mixed with water in the ejector – that means no mixer nor a screw conveyor. During the production the liquid suger is pasteurized and there is a heat recuperation.

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Technology for the beverage and food industry

InCoMi desings and produces devices for the beverage and food industry. The construction of machines and their automatization is always based on the customer requirements. Thanks to years of experience the company offers reliable and proven devices for daily use. The products made in our machines are very popular in the Czech Republic, but also in abroad. Please check our offer. We believe we will be a good partner for your project.


We improve our machines continuously. The priorities are the ease use and reliable operation.We also try to reduce the energy consumption of our devices.


Our company is specialized in designing production lines, their technological components, development of these and production.


Another activity of our company is consultancy in the field of beverage industry. We deal with optimization of particular machines and the quality of the final product.


Liters of lemonade made in our mixing machines since the foundation of the company.

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