CIP – Sanitation station

Sanitation station CIP serves to washing and flushing machines operating in food or pharmaceutical industry. Sanitation procedure allows optimization of cleaning concentrates consumption.


Automatic sanitation station is designed to cover all customer requirements for sanitation of production machines in automatic mode and all sanitation modes.

The station is one–circuit with containers of alcalic and acid cleaning concentrate and flushing water. For heating of the concentrate the steam heat exchanger with concentrate temperature regulation is used. Concentration and temperature of sanitation medium are indicated in a return pipe.

Membrane dosing pumps measure the precise doses of acid, alcalic or desinfeting substances. The medium is transported by a centrifugal pump. The sanitation station can communicate with all machines of given producing technology and it can control particular sanitation tracks according to the set sanitation formula.

Sanitation procedure is fully automatic without operator interference in all steps according to set sanitation formula. Flushing of particular tracks is then performed until there is no sanitation concentrate detection in whole system.


The stainless steel construction including power switchboard is located on a firm frame. All the materials used including the tanks and frame are in stainless steel quality of 1.4301 and are suitable for food processing production.


The device can have its own control system or can by controlled by central system.


The size of the station and its electric and steam input depend on the volume of sanitation concentrate used.

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Key elements:

  • Touch screen
  • Control system
  • Induction flowmeters
  • Limit sensors
  • Pneumatic components

Vhodné pro:

  • Carbonated beverage producers
  • Breweries
  • Pharmaceutical producers
  • Dairies
  • Dietary supplements producers