PU – Pasteurization of beverages

A flow pasteurizer serves to thermal treatment of the beverage that increases its durability.


The main component of flow pasteurizer is a plate heat exchanger which recuperates the heat, warms the beverage to its pasteurization temperature and also cools beverage to its required temperature. Another component is retention tank, where the warm liquid rests with the set temperature for set time. After passing through the pasteurizer the beverage is delivered into the storage tank that serves to neutralize the fluctuations in filler collection. The full sanitation of the machine is possible.


The stainless steel construction including power switchboard is located on a firm frame. All the materials used including the tanks and frame are in stainless steel quality of 1.4301 and are suitable for food processing production.


The machine has its own control system and the operator can communicate with it by a touchscreen.


Machine output: (5 – 25 000) l/h

Machine input: (10 – 30) kW

Key elements:

  • Touch screen
  • Control system
  • Communication modem
  • Induction flowmeters
  • Limit sensors
  • Pneumatic components

Suitable for:

  • Carbonated beverage producers
  • Breweries
  • Dairies
  • Cider producers