CM – Carbonated water making machine

CM type of machines serves primarly to the production of soda. Thanks to its simple construction and quality the machine can be used with minimal servise needs. The operator just sets the level of carbonization and the device works fully on its own.


Cm type of machines is designed for carbonating water, wine or cider. The level of saturation can be in the range of 0 to 8g CO2/l when the temeprature of the water does not exceeds 15°C. Deaeration of processed water is performed in deaeration tank by CO2 overpressure or in vacuum.


All machine components, including tanks, pumps and wiring cabinet are made of stainless steel. A robust frame on which the device is built provides stability of the machine and its save transport from place to place.


Programmable unit together with touch screen provide simple and comfortable machine control. Operation of the machine is automatic and does not require permanent presence of operator. The tank is flushed in case of every change of product and controlled process of sanitation after finishing machine operation is also a commonplace.


Machine output: (4 – 50 000) l/h

Machine input: (4 – 30) kW

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Key elements:

  • Touch screen
  • Control system
  • Communication modem
  • Induction flowmeters
  • Ejector
  • Capacity sensors
  • Pneumatic components
  • Support frame

Suitable for:

  • Carbonated beverages producers
  • Breweries